Celebrating Spring

Spring is here, the sun is shining, and my kids are happy and healthy.  A mother couldn’t ask for much more.  Living in the Midwest, I welcome spring with open arms (especially after a long cold winter).  Spring is all about blossoms, wind chimes, raindrops, strawberries, watermelon, and chirping birds.  The warm weather has definitely brought a smile to my face and has allowed us to do more outdoor activities.

Recently we have been celebrating the sun in our backyard oasis by creating flower beds, water features, tire jumps, and sand tables. This is the first time I have had a backyard of my own and so far it’s amazing. Let the fun begin!

Digging, scooping, and pouring dirt in flower containers.

 DSC_0509  DSC_0493  DSC_0502

DSC_0518Sisterly Love ~ Taking turns pushing Katharine in the swing.

 DSC_0475  DSC_0473  DSC_0451

Little Helpers ~ Washing and hanging doll clothes on the porch.

DSC_0537  DSC_0526  DSC_0538

Water table and Popsicles

DSC_0409  DSC_0392  DSC_0397

DSC_0425  DSC_0421  DSC_0424 

Sprinkler Time ~ Kevin, a hammer and PVC piping.

 DSC_0542  DSC_0546  DSC_0548

   DSC_0631  DSC_0640  DSC_0654 

Pure enjoyment outdoors!

DSC_0681   DSC_0682  DSC_0675

DSC_0696  DSC_0695  DSC_0685

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