Easter is always a joyful occasion, and this year we were able to spend the weekend in South Bend.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed seeing Grandma and Papa and made themselves at home within minutes of arrival.  Elise was beside herself when she received a “monkey bar” aka granola bar in her basket and Jacqueline discovered a new friend in cousin Jodi!  The Easter Bunny was generous with eggs and hid them in the front yard for the girls to find.  Jacqueline, Elise, and Caroline quickly discovered the joy of filling their baskets and enjoyed munching on their goodies the rest of the weekend.  Brunch was fantastic and was celebrated with several Aunt and Uncles!

DSC_0449  DSC_0436  DSC_0447

DSC_0502  DSC_0427

Finding Easter Eggs!

DSC_0481  DSC_0493  DSC_0469

DSC_0471  DSC_0465

Dyeing Eggs!

DSC_0431  DSC_0428

Art Activities!

DSC_0088  DSC_0086  DSC_0087

       DSC_0013  DSC_0012  DSC_0019


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