Boo… It’s Halloween

     2012-10-31 05.33.50 2012-10-31 05.37.15 2012-10-31 05.22.21  2012-10-31 05.29.49

What’s not to love about Halloween?!?  Children get to dress up as anything they want and receive goodies from strangers by simply knocking on their doors. This year, Jacqueline was determined to be a lion and Elise opted to be a parrot (thankfully one more year without being a princess!)  The girls thoroughly enjoyed their first Halloween in Naperville and spending time with their friends Karena and Elsa.  Jacqueline loved ringing doorbells, growling at dogs, and counting her “stash” at the end of the evening.  Elise was amazed that two simple words, “TRICK or TREAT” would provide her with candy.  By the end of the night her bucket was full to the brim!

2012-10-28 21.25.58 2012-10-28 21.18.09 2012-10-28 21.22.23

Jacqueline’s Fall Party at Peter Pan North Preschool


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