Bonding with Jacqueline


It is very rare to have one on one time with my girls, so on Sunday Jacqueline and I did a special activity together. We made pine cone bird feeders and hung them in the front and backyard.  Jacqueline jumped right in and started scooping peanut butter the minute I put the spoon on the table (within seconds her hands were covered in peanut butter and birdseed).  Half way through the activity Jacqueline discovered a quicker way to put peanut butter on a pine cone… simply dipping it in the jar!  We successfully made eight pine cones while playing, laughing, and bonding!  


One thought on “Bonding with Jacqueline

  1. Oh my! Looks like so much fun. Those birds and squirrels never had it so good. The girls can make grandma and grandpa some for our backyard next time they come to California!

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