The Joys of Gardening

Why move to the suburbs?  Simple, to garden!  My mother has an amazing green thumb and our garden in England had a beautiful array of flowers and scents year round.  I hope to give my girls the same gift and in time create an outside oasis to play and explore.  We currently have several dirt mounds, overgrown trees, weeds galore, and thousands of woodchips in our backyard.  Yet, I am thrilled to have a yard and anticipate many hours of outdoor play for the remainder of the summer!

On Monday I took Jacqueline and Elise to Home Depot to select flowers for our fairy garden.  Jacqueline was determined to select the largest purple flower she could find, but after careful consideration she went with a variety of purple and yellow pansies.  Elise on the other hand was more interested in smelling and eatting the flowers while shouting weee in the shopping cart!  At checkout, Jacqueline noticed a beautiful hummingbird wind chime, needless to say we had to purchase it for our garden.

Gardening time!  Once home, Jacqueline was anxious to get her hands dirty.  She opened the bags of potting soil, filled the containers, planted the flowers, and watered them until they were perfectly drenched to her liking.  Elise all the while was perfectly content sitting on a stone scooping dirt for her bucket.  We will continue to add to our fairy garden over the next few weeks.



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